Terms and Conditions



Range of validity:

The following terms and conditions are valid for all countries except:

-         Norway: please contact Reime Agri, which is our sole agent.

-         England, Wales, Scotland, and Ireland: please contact our sole agent Mr. Tobin

-         New Zealand and Australia: please contact our sole agent Midwest Machinery

     (contact details of these companies: LINK)


General remarks:

We want to give every customer the possibility to test our products within his/her specific framework/conditions. This philosophy resulted in a vastly content clientele in our primary market, the German speaking countries (Germany, Austria, Swiss).

The reason is simple: The few customers that were not convinced that the spreader is worth the money just sent it back – so there are no unhappy customers.

Right now, we decided to roll-out this principle for all European countries.



-         Cost: The freight charge depends on weight of the goods and country of delivery. A single spreader with some accessories will cause a freight charge of approximately 25 Euros, a DUO or TRIO spreader approximately 95 Euros.

-         Duration: Usually within 2 weeks, during February and March usually within 3 weeks after reception of the inquiry – but not before reception of the money.


Purchase process, Payment, and Test conditions:

1.     You send us an inquiry by e-mail or contact form.

2.     We contact you to make sure that the product selection (diameter of spreader nozzle etc.) is optimal for your requirements.

3.     We send a quotation by e-mail. Besides, we prepare the delivery.

4.     You pay the quotation in advance to receiving the goods.

5.     After reception of the money, we deliver the goods as soon as possible.

6.     From the day you received the goods, the 30 days test period starts.

7.     If you decide to keep the goods, everything is just fine.

8.     If not, you just send it back to us before the end of the test period. In this case, you pay the freight charge for the return. Within 5 days after we receive the goods, we return 90% of the money you sent to us in step 4. The other 10% are a lump-sum which compensate in part our expenses as well as the squalor and wastage of the goods.
Thus, for the (unlikely) case that you don´t want to keep the goods, you loose

…for a typical single spreader quotation: 25 + 60 = 85 Euro

…for a typical DUO or TRIO spreader quotation: 95 + 280 = 375 Euro
However, even in this case you profit by using the goods for up to 30 days.


Other aspects:

-         Arbitration clause: Court location is Illertissen, Germany.

-         Salvatorius clause: If one or several regulations in a contract between us and a customer be or become invalid due to reasons not basing on laws to regulate general business terms, the other regulations stay untouched.