Prices for the TRIO spreaders


The TRIO spreader consists of a combination of MOESCHA swiveling spreaders with two side nozzles. A coupling suited for each tanker is provided.

The nozzles can optionally be provided with a gate valve. This makes it possible to flexibly switch these nozzles on and off and thereby achieve an efficient variation of the spreading width.


Price without gate valves: 3.100 Euro


Price with gate valves: 3.650 Euro

(two 4-inch gate valves including hydraulic cylinders (single-acting), without hydraulics line; Attention: with pump tankers, an adaptation of the flow volume is necessary, i.e., halving of the PTO shaft speed)


Example of application


Trio spreader in action



Additional note:

-         All indicated prices are understood as not including VAT ex works.

-         Shipping costs depend on delivery address (Germany: 85 Euro).


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