Prices for the MOESCHA single spreaders




Desired nozzle diameter

(can be determined based on Application table) (please refer also to the FAQ for technical details)











Type N spreader (15m)

Head: stainless steel,

Work. width: up to 15m


S-55 N

750 Euro

S-62 N

750 Euro

S-68 N

750 Euro

S-77 N

850 Euro

S-85 N

965 Euro




Type W spreader (18m)

Head: stainless steel,

Work. width: up to 18m


S-55 W

820 Euro

S-62 W

820 Euro

S-68 W

820 Euro

S-77 W

920 Euro

·        All spreaders are distinguished by very good durability (e.g., swivelling head, springs and shafts are all made of stainless steel).


·        All spreaders can optionally be equipped with a reduction sleeve. This reduces the diameter by approx. 7 mm. Thus, the diameter can be reduced according to the situation.


·        The spreader N-85 offers a working width up to 17 meters..




Additional note:

-         All indicated prices are understood as not including VAT ex works

-         Delivery cost vary depending on country and weight
(typically between 25 and 40 Euro)

-         Trial time and amount due: 30 days net


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