Prices and Products for the DUO spreader


The most important element of the DUO spreader is the two swiveling spreaders whose discharge cross-section is optimally selected.

The MOESCHA DUO swiveling spreader is supplied in each case with a coupling adapted to the tanker.

Note: In some cases, it may be advantageous if the coupling or the flange points upward.


Two Variants of the MOESCHA DUO spreader


MÖSCHA DUO spreader "DUO 133 K“:
Spreader hooked up with tube linkage (easier to clean)


3.100 €

MÖSCHA DUO-Schwenkverteiler "DUO 133 S“:
Spreader bolted to tube linkage, with drainage


2.500 €



Version option „larger nozzle diameter“: 200 Euro or 290 Euro surcharge

(use of S-77-W or S-85 instead of the standard sizes S-55/62/68-W)


Accessories 1: Mounting parts for tube linkage: 190 euros

(two angle iron pieces 80 x 40 x 6 mm, 1050 mm long, galvanized with tube clamps)


Accessories 2: Gate valve: 550 euros

(two 4-inch gate valves including hydraulic cylinders (unidirectional-acting), without hydraulics line)

-         prevents a discharge of the manure after the application

-         also enables switching to partial width (caution: with pump tankers, an adaptation of the flow volume is necessary, i.e., halving of the PTO shaft speed)


DUO spreader with integrated gate valves


By using gate valves, a discharge of the manure according to the application can be achieved. This is especially advisable with pump and centrifugal tankers. In addition, the gate valves enable switching to partial width.



Accessories 3: tee junction: 150 euros

(located between tanker and DUO spreader, Ø150mm (6''); enables to connect an additional thing to the tanker)



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Additional note:

-         All indicated prices are understood as not including VAT ex works.

-         Shipping costs depend on delivery address (Germany: 100 Euro).


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